Business model

Business model

Duell is a leading Powersports Aftermarket distributor in the Nordics with a rapidly growing presence in the rest of Europe. Duell’s offering covers motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, bicycle and marine products, including technical and spare parts and personal equipment (for example clothing and accessories), to dealers across several markets in Europe.

As a distributor, Duell operates between brand owners and dealers by sourcing from brand owners’ collections and distributing them to dealers that sell the products to end customers that are mostly consumers.

Duell is able to offer its brand portfolio of more than 290 brands, including 19 of their own brands. Duell offers a range of brands, such as Alpinestars, Pirelli, Airoh, Oakley, Jobe and Dunlop. Duell complements its offering with own brands whose design and functions are developed in house and the production is outsourced to manufacturers.

Duell is able to offer its brand portfolio of more than 290 brands consisting of approximately 150,000 SKUs to dealers and, in turn, provide brand owners a reach of almost 7,500 customers. Economies of scale is enabled by Duell’s warehousing capabilities and efficient logistics operations, which allow extensive stock keeping for brands, which simultaneously ensures timely availability of products from many brands enabling a one stop shop approach towards dealers. Duell supplies products to a network of dealers located in more than 10 countries, including overnight deliveries to Finland, Sweden and parts of Norway.

Duell believes that speed to market is a key purchase criterion to dealers as they prefer distributors that are capable of providing products in a timely manner. Duell’s strategically located warehouses support efficient delivery to all markets across Europe. Duell also believes that supporting technology, such as Duell’s warehouse management system, facilitates agile logistics, which is key in servicing online dealers. Optimized delivery enables deliveries within 24 hours.