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Greetings from the CEO

Greetings from the CEO

“We have grown decisively, and we believe that the growth will continue also in the future as several drivers are supporting our business. Duell has a strong market position in the Nordics and a value proposition for all key sales channels due to a comprehensive brand portfolio and a scalable business model. We believe that we can add significant value to brand owners, especially as a bigger proportion of trade is predicted to shift online. We are also investing in increasing the sales of our own brands and expanding our brand portfolio with new attractive brands.

In addition to motorcycling, we offer products for friends of powersports for all seasons from marine to snowmobiling. We believe that our effective logistics and digital ordering platform is a key competitive advantage: we can deliver approximately 95% of received orders within 24 hours. We believe that our highly scalable business model will lead to improved profitability in the future.

Now is a good time to conquer Europe country by country and market by market. To accelerate this development, we have decided to go public and seek more horsepower and a broader investor base to support our growth.”

Jarkko Ämmälä, CEO